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    Thumbs up Free Banner Advertising

    Hello Members of WHT.

    I'm the administrator and founder of Web Host Debate, a thriving community with great advertising offers for any online company. I have spent my late night hours hard at work developing a script which enables all forum members to upload an image of their choice which will then be displayed (linking to your website) on all thread view pages Free Of Charge!

    The system automatically gives you 100 impressions for every post you make on Web Host Debate. You can upload a wide variety of image types and sizes. As well you can specify which url to use for the link and the alternate/title text for the image/link.

    While our Free Banner Advertising seems to be the focus for most members you may also utilize other methods of advertising. We have multiple advertising forums which can be used to advertise your services and/or offerings each and every week (free of charge). However if you would like to further your campaign's effectiveness we also offer affordable advertising rates for text links, header/footer banner slots and a sponsorship slot which contains only 1 image for the entire month.

    Please refer to for more information. If you have any further questions you may contact us. Otherwise you should start your registration today.

    Have a wonderful day!
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    very cool mod, great idea...definitely going to join for this
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    Thanks for deciding to join. I've seen you around somewhere else. Maybe on another forum.
    To assume perfection is merely a display of ignorance.

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    Error during image upload 'Not a valid image format' My image dimenssions 468X60, .jpg What is wrong?

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    I've a few banners from memebrs that are .jpg so I don't see why it isn't working for you. Let me go test.
    To assume perfection is merely a display of ignorance.

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    Update: I've tested myself and the system works. Sorry you're having trouble.
    To assume perfection is merely a display of ignorance.

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