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    Change / copy a doamin name on WHM

    I want to change a domain NAME in WHM/Cpanel , i don't want to lose any data mysql, ther any way that i change name of domain only?
    if not, how can i create my new domain and then transfer old domain datas to the new domain?


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    OK try this:
    1. Log into WHM
    2. Scroll down to: Account Functions
    3. Then select: Modify an Account
    4. Then select your domain or user and then click modify
    5. Change the domain name.

    Was that what you were looking for?
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    thanks you..
    did you do this before?
    becuase i am not sure that this way change my old domain name change in apache , named ............files

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    This is what you want. The directory is named the user name, not the domain name.
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