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    Can't upgrade cPanel :o !!!


    When I try to upgrade cPanel I get this:

    root@server1 [/scripts]# ./upcp
    Segmentation fault (core dumped)

    I also can't update the backend scripts etc...
    What the hell happened? I tried to copy the upcp file from another server (that does work) to that server but still gives the same error.

    Please advice!


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    Also I can't transfer files to another server cuz then I get this error:

    "The remote server didn't report a correct md5sum of the archive. Please ensure you selected the correct type of remote server."

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    Have you run out of RAM?

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    Segmentation fault

    Is RAM problem

    RAM hardware problem or you run out of RAM

    try to contact your DC

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    I would first suggest you to check the available memory using free -m command.

    Also check if swap is not used up in excess. If necessary reboot the server to clear up some swap space and the used memory.

    If the problem still persists, then get the memory checked from your DC.

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