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    Thumbs up CALHOST- UNMETERED and COLO - Introductory Pricing!!! (new)

    Hello everyone,

    CalHost has always offered colocation and a premium network (Four months 100% uptime:
    Our top-of-the-line enterprise hardware is brand new and much of it still in brand new boxes ready to be deployed.
    We also recently launched BARGAIN servers starting at $39/month.

    But we're not finished!

    CalHost Value Co-Location and
    UNMETERED Dedicated Servers!

    Our sister site will be launching soon with official order forms and but for now we are taking pre-launch order requests by email instructions and telephone confirmation so here we go!

    Please send an email to and they'll get you started. Be sure to mention you are responding to the WHT ad to get the special introductory pricing.



    Intel Celeron 2.0GHz
    512mb DDRAM
    40GB HDD

    10 mbps Unmetered Bandwidth
    20mbps Unmetered Bandwidth
    30mbps Unmetered Bandwidth
    50mbps Unmetered Bandwidth
    100mbps Unmetered Bandwidth

    $49 setup on all servers (just like on our premium network)

    Need a bigger system?

    Intel Celeron 2.4GHz - 80GB HDD - 512mb DDRAM (+$10/month)
    Intel Pentium IV 2.8GHz - 80GB HDD - 512mb DDRAM (+$40/month)
    Intel Xeon 3.07GHz - 80GB HDD - 1024mb DDRAM (+$80/month)
    DUAL Intel Xeon 3.07GHz - 80GB HDD - 1024mb DDRAM (+$110/month)

    All servers can replace the 80GB IDE drive with one 40GB SATA drive with an additional $99 setup fee to cover the labor to install a PCI riser card/SATA controller.
    Xeon CPU machines can have a 40 SATA drive in place of an 80GB IDE HDD free of charge. No extra setup fee applies.
    ** Add $15/month for an additional 40GB SATA drive
    ** Add $25/month for an additional 80GB SATA drive
    --> RAID 0/1 configurations and custom partitioning = $FREE
    ** Add $15/month for an additional 512mb PC2700 DDRAM
    ** Add $30/month for an additional 1024mb PC2100 REG ECC DDRAM (Xeons only)

    The bandwidth is provided by CogentCo exclusively and comes with a 99.9% uptime. BANDWIDTH is 100% dedicated. You pay for it, it's always there whether you use it or not.

    ::: COLOCATION :::

    CALHOST RACKSPACE (-15% WHT Discount!!!)

    1U: $29/month - 10% = $25/month
    2U: $49/month - 10% = $42/month
    4U: $99/month - 10% = $84/month
    1/4 Rack (10U): $245/month - 10% = $208 (5amp power included)
    1/2 Rack (20U): $395/month - 10% = $336 (10amp power included)
    Full Rack (40U): $695/month - 10% = $591 (20amps power included)

    VALUE BANDWIDTH (99.9% network uptime)
    COGENT unmetered bandwidth is fully burstable to 100mbps using 95th percentile, billed at 150% x standard rate
    [a] 1-4mbps: $20/meg
    [b.] 5+mbps: $18/meg
    [c] 10+mbps: $16/meg
    [d] 20+mbps: $14/meg
    [e] 50+mbps: $13/meg
    [f] 100mbps: $12/meg
    [g] More than 100mbps: $Negotiable

    PREMIUM BANDWIDTH (100% network uptime)
    Bandwidth is fully burstable to 20mbps using 95th percentile, billed at 150% x standard rate.
    Multi-carrier BGP Mix: ATT, MCI/UUNET, Sprint, Qwest and UFO
    [a] 1-4mbps: $125/meg
    [b.] 5+mbps: $120/meg
    [c] 10+mbps: $115/meg

    All colocation clients receive complimentary 24/7/365 onsite remote hands and eyes by our Level 1 data center technicians. We'll reboot machines and devices, move cables, push buttons and follow basic commands.
    * Equipment is secured in cages and entry into facility is not permitted except for customers who have purchased one or more full racks.
    ** Logging into any machine regardless of the task performed requires Level 2 support at $90/hr.

    COLO SETUP FEES (assuming no additional services are required):
    NRC = Typically 1 month hosting fees.

    QUESTIONS or READY TO ORDER? Please contact and they'll get you started.


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    Remote reboot options?

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    Unmetered servers on value / premium bandwidth?

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    Looking at the Intel Xeon 3.07GHz - 80GB HDD - 1024mb DDRAM on an unmetered plan... do you offer Win 2k3 std in the OS selection?
    Mike Bell
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    Nevermind.. saw it on your website.. sorry.
    Mike Bell
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    Do you support Virtuozzo Licenses, if you, please could you give price for 10 Ves ?

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    Poster #1: remote reboots are allowed through a form.
    Poster #2: This is unmetered bandwidth on our value network
    Poster #3: Windows 2003 Standard is allowed for $25/month (I got your email BTW)
    Poster #4: As of right now, unfortunately we do not. We used to but we have since sold our licenses and gotten out of the VPS market. If you have your own licenses or would like to arrange a VPS we would be more than happy to work with you on a custom deal. Please contact for assistance.

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    I need a server with Virtuozzo not a vps, if you do, I will buy it.

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    We don't have Virtuozzo right now but I'm waiting on my Sales Rep to let me know what their pricing is currently. If it's somewhat affordable, we'll be able to work something out with you. If it's in the $2-3000 range, we'll have to pass unfortunately (for the time being anyway) until it's time to invest in that product. I'll PM you when I get a final word.

    I'll cross my fingers in the meantime.

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    Signed up! Will keep you all informed on my progress....
    Mike Bell
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    Hello everyone,

    Just a note that at the moment we have run completely out of Xeon CPUs (Single and Dual CPU servers). Apologies to Mike Bell who just found out the hard way after a lot of back and forth getting the specs just like he wanted.

    We do have plenty of P4 2.8, Celeron 2.4 and Celeron 2.0 systems still available. Thanks in advance,
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    hmm... I'm not sure if this is the right place for this post, but I've exhausted all means of trying to contact calhost.

    I submitted an order on thursday for cds3-bar, and it was said a call would be given in 24h. I have not recieved a single call and have since sent 2 emails to namely, you, Adam, and the support center on late friday. However, till now, no one from the company has contacted me. You(Adam) were very responsive when I first corresponded with you about the server via email, and suddenly it seems the company just vanished from the face of the Earth.

    I'm still very interested in the server and I hope you'll get back to me asap. (


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    Im having the same problem.
    I signed up for a premium server on the 14th of September, and prior to this had always received emails from Adam (And he is a top bloke).
    However after the order, ive not been contacted, and Ive tried and tried to contact them with no replies.
    Its now the 21st and still no replies.

    Can you get back to me please?


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    Hello everyone,

    I apologize for some of you not receiving responses yet. We're finally catching up with processing. I do not know what happened this round but we received about 5 times as much fraud as we have received legitimate responses. Anytime a fraudulant order comes in there is the initial reply and phone verification, but with the huge number of fraudulant orders we have coming in, it was somewhat of a culture shock in having to deal with so many fraudulant orders all at once.

    To thank you for your interest and as an apology for not processing your server as quickly as we normally do, we are upgrading all bargain server orders to a Celeron 2.0-512mb-40GB for free.

    You will all recieve confirmations this evening and I will step in and help speed up the process.

    Also worthy of note, we JUST sold out of Xeon, Dual Xeon and P4 machines. No idea why so many people needed those machines specifically, but we welcome the interest! So we have Celeron 2.4 and 2.0 machines left for the time being.

    Thanks again to everyone who responded - your confidence in us is tremendously appreciated and we'll continue to do our upmost to provide you with a superior, secure & safe network free of any fraudulant and/or abusive users.

    Email me at if you have not received a reply and I'll follow-up personally. Thanks again,
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    Oh sorry, one more thing incidentally- we ARE ordering more higher-end machines. I apparently forgot to mention that. If you need that spec or something else, please inquire at and you'll most likely get a brand new box.


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