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    * Comparison between EV1, Server Beach, and The Planet

    Hey all,

    I'm looking at acquiring a new dedicated machine to host my web/mail/DNS and various other side programming projects. I'm looking for a machine with the following specifications. I'm perfectly willing to lean on the low end of this scale. I'm mostly looking for an opinion between these three providers: EV1, Server Beach, and The Planet. Suggestions are welcome though . The suggested provider should be willing to allow IRC client traffic and not do any non-sensical filtering (e.g., no port 119 UDP).

    • ~1.3-2.8 GHz system (P4/AMD/Celeron/Whatever)
    • 512-1000 MB RAM
    • 40 - 120 GB HD
    • 1000 - 2000 GB Bandwidth
    • FreeBSD 5.x
    • $100-200/month

    Remember, I'm looking for [mainly] an opinion between the three mentioned companies. However, I'm willing to listen to reputable suggestions. Please, no flame wars and feel free to vote in the poll. Past experiences with the said companies is a must, no heresay.


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    I haven't used any of the three companies in quite some time but from reading the forums here on a semi-regular basis it seems ev1 has the best support out of the three.
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    Haven't used Server Beach. But used ThePlanet about two years ago and EV1 about three years ago.

    I can say that I was much happier with EV1 than ThePlanet.
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    Hi Captain,

    Please visite You will get good reliable hosting with them.
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    I've been pretty happy with The Planet. EV1 and The Planet are both great data centers, good people and good networks.

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    EV1 has better network
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    I've been using TP & EV1, in my experience they have good support, but I prefer EV1 to TP.

    TP scroe is 8
    EV1 score is 9

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    When I had a server with ev1 back when they were called rackshack (3 years ago), I did not have such a pleasant experience but it was not their fault.

    I have had experience with both ThePlanet and EV1, in my opinion EV1 always had faster support then TP. FAST SSD Web Hosting DDoS protection
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