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Who are we?
R-fx Networks is an Internet Security & Managed Services firm; we provide outsourced and bundled solutions to allow small businesses, corporations and organizations the flexibility they need to concentrate on there business goals while we tend to there asset management and security requirements.

Likewise we set ourselves apart from competitors by developing and releasing many publicly free GPL projects which meet specific needs in administration or security; such tools include "SIM (System Integrity Monitor)" & "APF (Advanced Policy Firewall)"; amongst others.


.: Linux Security Bundle
The Security Bundle is a total security roundup for your critical appliances. We install an array of industry standard software, with many custom settings we have learned over the years - to ensure your security and peace of mind.

Security Bundle Features:
- Setup 'APF Firewall (version 0.9.4-5)'; policy based, reactive firewall
( maintained project)
- Setup 'System Integrity Monitor (version 3.0)'; monitor critical services, load, network etc...
( maintained project)
- Setup 'Brute Force Detection'; identify login password cracking attempts
( maintained project; recently featured in PingZine! magazine)
- Setup 'PortMon'; network monitor, identify rouge services
( maintained project)
- Setup 'logwatch' to receive daily summary reports on systems events (kernel, network, logins, top e-mail relays & local senders etc...)
- Setup 'lalert' profile.d script for notification of root (& admin, adm, bin, mysql) logins
( maintained project)
- Setup 'iftop' top like network traffic monitor
- Setup 'cbq' QoS discipline rules; allows throughput limiting
- Setup 'smartd' monitor hard disk events; failed i/o, temp can provide warning to disk failure; email alerts
- Setup 'tcpdump' network packet sniffer/network analysis
- Setup 'libsafe' filter common software attacks
- Setup 'snort' network intrusion detection system
- Enforce no-executable/no-suid operations on /tmp & /var/tmp
- Enforce no-executable/no-suid operations on shared memory tmpfs
- TPE (trusted path execution)
- PHP open_basedir protection
- Dynamic IDS parsing for realtime banning of attacks
- mod_dosevasive installation with custom settings
- mod_security installation with custom directive settings and snort-based filter-rules
- Common Security Permissions
- Host Based Spoofing Protection
- Software Updates
- Increased System Logging
- Backdoor Inspection
- Services Hardening
- User Password Auditing
- PAM RLIMIT enforcment
- Root Kit hunter setup for daily execution & alerts
And more...

Security Bundle Prices:
$90 one-time, never any setup fees!
Discount rates availible for multiple servers, please contact us for more information - noted contact information at bottom of post.

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.: Linux Server Aware Monitoring
An intermediate monitoring & management solution. This provides advanced support services, emergency support and on-demand software installations. It is the focus of this package to maintain integrity, this is done via a scaled security bundle setup and custom installed applications.

Server Aware Monitoring Features:
Custom firewall setup; APF (Advanced policy firewall) [optional]
- SIM (System integrity monitor)
- PRM (Process resource monitor)
- FaF (File anomaly finder)
- PMON (Network socket monitor)
- SPRI (System priority)
- LSM (Linux Socket Monitor)
- SPRI (Priority Scheduler)
- BFD (Brute Force Detection)
- NSIV (Network Socket Inode Validation)
- Remote services and availability monitor
- Auto-update service for RPM-based software (hourly repository check-up)
- Basic trouble shooting support (10 hours per/mo per server)
- Emergency 24/7 support via toll free #, pager contact, instant messenger, e-mail, helpdesk, or on-site live support (10 hours per/mo per server)
- Request based software setup (4 hours per/mo per server) Avg. software install time 15 minutes
- A total of 24 hours support per server/mo
- Monitor network traffic and provide a virtual combined network graph to show the combined usage of all servers on a single graph - very helpful to note new trends
- Hardware, resources and future scalability assessment
- Monitor all major mail blacklists for presence of your hardware IP addresses, checked and reported daily
- Real-time log analysis and alerting to identify attacks promptly
- Included-Free setup of security bundle - $90 value

Server Aware Monitoring Prices:
Starting at $40 per month; per server. Discount rates apply for 3 or more servers (15% discount per/server).

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.: Remote Network Auditing
R-fx Networks knows how vital it is to ensure that your Internet connected hosts are secure. So to the same respect, our cost effective auditing services leave no Person and/or Company out of reach, of top quality auditing services.

Auditing Features:
- 2 report types: Executive Summary or Technical Summary
- 5 report formats: Text, Rich Text, HTML, Graphic HTML, Graphic PDF
- More than 12 threat categories and 3,000+ audits
- Secure access to view reports
And more...

Remote Network Auditing Prices:
Starting at $8 one-time; Never any setup fees!

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30-day service related support with 24/7 Emergency pager/toll-free contact; help desk ticketing system; e-mail & messenger contacts

Supported Operating Systems
RedHat (6.x)
Redhat Legacy (7.x, 8, 9)
RedHat Enterprise (3 or later)
Fedora (any)
Mandrake (any)
Debian (any stable)
Slackware (any stable)
TurboLinux (6 or later)

Supported Control Panels
Ensim Webppliance
Ensim ServerXchange

More Information:
Please feel free to contact us for more information or custom quotes at the below contact references:
web site:
e-mail: ryan [at]
AIM: t3ck7
ICQ: 76511994
MSN: rfxn [at]

Previous/Current Clients:
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Full client testimonials and contact references available upon request.