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    allow port 80 for all and others for certain ips


    i have installed apf on cpanel. the current settings open all the konwn ports and allow connection from all ips.

    what i want,

    i want to allow port 80 to be open for whole world

    and all the other ports available for only local 192.168.0.* and certain other ips.

    what changes should i do ?

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    Once allowed ports in apf will be accessible for all .. which ports you don't want world to access ?

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    How are you using 192.168.0 on cpanel ?
    If its aliased to an interface in the server, then, such connections that originate locally are not blocked.

    If you meant 192.160.0. on your local home network, you will need to get your public IP and enable that IP manually.

    Hope this points you to the right direction..

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    - i want only port 80 to be accessable by outside world.
    - i have 2 interfaces on each of my machine, one is for local network and one is for didicated leased line.

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    check the option IG_TCP_CPORTS in your config.apf and make sure only port 80 is listed there.

    This tutorial may help you a bit more :

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    if you are using Cpanel, you may want to enable ports 2082 and 2083, as those are the ports mainly used for cpanel.

    Hope this helps

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