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    Thumbs down serverdivision

    i have a reseller account at serverdivison, and the whole server is down now. also i can't reach their website. i can't reach them. are they all gone? is there any customer of them who can reach them right now?

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    seems because of your Internet connection? I can reach their site without any problem

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    i don't think so

    i tried pinging my domain from some sites on the net, and it did not receive. can you also reach ?

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    Both sites appear to be working without problems.

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    I can see your site from here.
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    Sites work fine from here
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    Site is down from here, But I can reach

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    It would appear to work from over here. Have you tried support ? I would not worry about your site being down. Home of Generous George the Red Monster.
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    both work fine

    Hi, is working.


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    Originally posted by iktibas
    i tried pinging my domain from some sites on the net, and it did not receive. can you also reach ?
    PING HAS BEEN TURNED OFF! is on Linux - I'm not sure if you are aware but You CAN NOT ping a Linux box on our servers.

    What is your purpose of this ticket?

    Do you expect to get support from this post? there is a support desk and you MUST use it otherwise you won't get anywhere.

    Next time, please do your home work. The server works fine, try to ping and you can't. This has been turned off.

    There is also a KB article on this, and our 24x7 tech guys could have answered this for you quickly too.

    We do not support via an external discussion forum.

    Additionally, if you cannot access but PING was turned off (of course), then raise a support ticket. I did not see any ticket, nor did I receive an Alertra, cpanel, siteuptime, or host-tracker error report for this server.

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