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    * Testing New 4 Server Load Balancer Setup


    Okay, I just got a new setup with LiquidWeb for 2 frontend apache web servers and 2 backend mysql cluster servers, all hardware load balanced, and all using high end opterons.

    Is there a way that I can do a stress test against my site through the load balancer? I mean, I would like to see if my site could handle, oh let's say 9,000 actively browsing members (I usually average about 1600 live visitors all day long.

    I don't really want to dDos my own setup, but I do want to test it to see just how much it can handle before it crubles under the load.

    Any safe methods to load test a setup like this safely?

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    That would be a good start. Simple, but reasonably effective.
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    How, what load balancer you are using? and how much it costs?

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