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    VPS with failover

    I like VPS's, and the low cost involved. Has any provider thought about giving an account on two machines, with three IP's. One for each machine, and one floating IP. Using something like keepalived to take control of the virtual IP. And maybe a private connection between the machines with no bandwidth costs. Or maybe load balancing as well as IP take over could be a more efficient use of the resources.

    Of course the provider is still one huge point of failure, but for some projects I would prefer to have two machines to add that bit of extra redundancy.

    It may could double what a single VPS would, and maybe a little more, it still offers a great service and should be profitable for the provider.

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    The best way to accomplish something like this is likely with a DNS failover based solution. Virtuozzo doesn't have the built in facilities to support exactly what you're asking for.
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  3. Load balanced VPS.....that is a very fresh idea.
    Dont think theres a market for it though.
    People who go for load balanced solutions usually go for Dedicated servers.
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    I am using a dns failover with DNSMadeEasy it works very well, I just fail my site over to a shared account I have.

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    The first reason I started using VPS systems was for a geo dns project. I had a VPS on four continents, serving the IP of the local server based on country IP's.

    DNS isn't what I want here. Say I had four different VPS systems in four data centres on four continents, I still want a pretty stable master. So i'll still handle failover in software, I know that one site should be pretty stable, assuming it's not knocked off. And I don't have to trust one VPS master machine.

    The point of this is using tools like keepalived to have one floating IP highly available.
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