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    Are there any virtual DNS services that I can rent ?

    Except : and

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    I need a virtual server with my own domain !

    I need a virtual server with my own domain "" as primary, "" as secondary DNS server.

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    Well what you are asking for is an aliased nameserver. You also need access to the nameservers to make modifications. I am not sure about this combination. has a reseller account which I believe you can have your own aliased nameservers, and be able to make DNS entries.

    I saw your other post. You want to be able to move if need be, but other than running your own nameservers, on your own servers, you are going to have to be grounded somewhere that will give you the ability to do this.

    Some hosts will give you aliased nameservers, but not access to make entries. Try contacting the ones that do offer DNS services and seeing if you can have your domain aliased to thier nameservers. I dunno though. It would require them giving you two IP addresses, and I doubt this will be free (if this is what you are looking for). - Where professionals discuss web hosting.


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