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    Anyone use Worldlink?

    I've been eyeballing a Colo facility in the Woodinville/Bothell area of western Washington state (USA) called Worldlink. Their prices are nothing special, but they claim to have TW, Internap, & Savvis pipes and they're extremely 'local' (I could just about hit the place with a rock from my front porch)

    Anyone use them?

    BTW, does anyone know of an adult-friendly Cogent-equipped colo facility in western Washington that offers unmetered and isn't pricing their rackspace like it's 1999? (like *everyone* at the Westin... what century are these people living in anyway???)

    How is Cogent in the Seattle area these days? I have no complaints at all about their Dallas pipes but I hear that their network in other parts of the country is still a little shakey sometimes.
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    5,991 isn't too bad for pricing, if you need atleast half a rack. Other than them, I'm not sure of anyone at Westin which has decent pricing.

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