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Thread: I mean - wow!

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    I mean - wow!

    Right now I am exchanging series of tickets with support team. I am installing RubyOnRails on my VPS and they are hand-guiding me. I could probably ask them to do it but I want to learn new things. And my god - the support ticket response time is measured in seconds! Not to mention that their local time at the moment is around friday night / saturday morning!

    This thread is a thank you to PowerVPS from a happy (and honest) costumer!
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    Hey Jpetrov...Tone will be pleased

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    PVPS has a great weekend/Night team ^^ Not some outsourced company to take care of it.

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    Nice to see you are happy. Its creditable that they are working efficiently on a Friday night. ::
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    jpetrov, I can totaly understand your happiness It's just at least the same level of "feeling safe" I have with my provider.

    The fact that you know they are always there for whatever you need... Unbeatable feeling, for sure
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