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    Need Help Upgrading InvisionPB


    I need to upgrade Invision PB on my server. Currently it is version 1.2... Can anyone good in SSH give me step by step instructions on how to do so? Im running a Cpanel Redhat server. Any help would be awesome. Thanks


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    Also, Im looking for a free upgrade. I was told that you have to pay for the latest version of IPB. Do they have a free upgrade that is higher than 1.2?

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    No, there aren't free upgrades to IPB any longer. The latest version (2.04?) is a paid only, and the upgrade is done through your browser and FTP, not shell (SSH).
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    Well you can upgrade to ipb 1.3 if you downloaded it from ipb when they had it up, also u can upgrade to 2.0 trial and they cant bother you, this has been changed so you cant go to 1.3 or over 2.x so ipb sux because they took the free ipb away

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