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    Get Ip's For Nameservers

    Ok I'm new to all this and I just got a dedicated server and I''m told I need to contact my registar to get a primary and secondary nameserver setup.

    I've done that and they say they need to ip addresses.

    That's where I'm lost. Is this something I'll need to contact my dedicated server company for or can I generate this using the WHM that came with it? If so how?


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    If you where not provided with more than 1 IP address when you got the server you will need to contact your dedi provider to allocate you more, you can then add them via WHM.
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    Most dedicated servers come with 8 'subnetted' IP's allowing for 5 usable IP's once you have used 3 for gateway, broadcast etc. Who is your provider? If your using any decent control panel you can do this via the web interface.

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    I'm using WHM. I have CPanel on this server.

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