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    "Service Unavailable"
    Why always the fighting?
    - Dr Zoidberg, Futurama

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    Originally posted by 2-HOST

    "Service Unavailable"

    It works for me.... - Professional Web & Graphic Design.

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    What price range did you have in mind for everything?

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    Originally posted by tool2basics
    It works for me....
    Yep, seems to be back now.
    Why always the fighting?
    - Dr Zoidberg, Futurama

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    At the other site I started the bidding at $50 and at $5 dollar increases and I havent set a BIN yet. Highest offer is now at $60. - Professional Web & Graphic Design.

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    $50 for that domain is to much , it doesn't even have any Google PR.
    I whould say reg fee or highest $10-15.

    I know you get the design with the domain, but you said the design will get additional cost, then the domain might cost $50 and you will add the domain cost to it. Thats a bit exaggerated i think but there is some that buy domains for those costs .

    Good Luck with selling the domain, sorry if you think i've been a jerk.
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    No the domain and the design are together for 50. The design is prob worth 50 at the least plus a domain. I said it would be a additional cost if you wanted me to edit anything on the template or add a middle section. - Professional Web & Graphic Design.

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    Ok, How much does it cost without the design?

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    Originally posted by Blade1941
    Ok, How much does it cost without the design?
    Make a offer and I'll see what I can do. - Professional Web & Graphic Design.

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    ok, I'll offer $10 for the domain only.
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