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    Anybody having experience with idevaffiliate ?

    One of my client is looking for affiliate program that integrates with modernbill. Modernbill easily integrates with idevaffiliate and ultraaffiliate software.

    Any suggestion here?

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    We use it on our site and have installed on serveral others and in every case it worked great.

    The other one to ckeck out is from GroudBreak Software
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    This is a great software for tracking and paying affiliates. Easy to install and setup.
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    Thank you for your suggestions. I will search internet to find out if there are any other affiliate softwares available that integrates with modernbill?

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    We use this to run our affiliate program with ModernBill integration. The software is adequate, with some bugs.

    The developer of the software is somewhat rude and demanding at times. They signed up for our affiliate program and threatened to quit the affiliate program if we would not make an advance payment to them. We did not make the payment not only because they did not qualify for a payment, but because the design of their own software has a bug where the signup bonus is not accounted for when calculating payments to be made.

    We received no reply from them regarding the software problem even though we brought it to their attention when they demanded a payment.

    However, for most affiliate programs, the software does just fine.
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