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Thread: A few..

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    A few..

    Alright, a quick look on "managed dedicated servers" showed up many reputed providers, one of them is rackspace.

    So far, I was blindly calculating the specifications, but now, since every 36GB (HDD) and (100gb) costs helluva lot with these providers, I'll want to know some things:

    - Whats the ssh command to check the total and used HDD space?

    - How do I check the monthly bandwidth usage? (Since we were running on tomcat, none of the stats logger worked till now)

    - If I run on Redhat, can I just run on JDK/Tomcat normally without having to use apache?


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    1. df (do man df for more information) df -h does it in human readble form

    2. Look at installing something like mrtg, or rrdtool (or rtg for that matter).

    3. Not sure, somebody else will have to fill in on that.

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    1) df -k
    2) you will need install something like mrtg and code or use ready script which will count all trafic on your network device
    3) Yes.
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    4. Congrats on post 666 :devil:

    Thanks for the answers though.

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