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    PS3 blog - let me know what you think.

    ive just started a PS3 blog here:

    PS3 blog

    there is so much about the ps3 on the web i wantred to try and find out the facts and let others know too.

    let me know what you think

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    The idea is nice, the layout is pleasant, but I think you need to make it more "tech" oriented. Looks more like a love novel or something about psychology. Don't be offended, I don't mean to mock at the style, but you really need some images and perhaps a "metallic" theme in order to have the theme match the entire subject. The site is not bad, but try a logo and 2-3 header images to get the site off the defult blogger look.

    Good luck with the project, keep us posted

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    thanks for the comments i do totally agree

    for now i wanted to see if anyone would be interested in it. if i get enough visitors to the site ill get it looking nice

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