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    How would I do the following?

    Im hosting a bunch of sites for friends of friends etc and I was wondering how I could put a readme.txt file into everyones FTP account, without having to manualy login to each.

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    Access the file system and copy the file to the directory?
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    if you have cpanel installed you may use for this reseller "skeletin" folder. all c ontent holded here will be copied to new account. similar function have Directadmin.
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    The skeleton folder would work on all new accounts, but it would not work on existing accounts.

    I would just manually copy it into the folders for now, and then do it as mentioned above.

    This also should be able to be done through a shell script, but I am not quite good enough at shell scripting yet to write you one =/
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    I will assume you are wanting the readme file in the user's home directory and you are referring to a Linux system. You can login via SSH and create the readme.txt file in your current directory. Make sure you are logged in as root and then type:

    find /home -maxdepth 1 -exec cp readme.txt {} \;
    This will copy the readme.txt file in your current directory to all of the directories directly underneath /home (note the -maxdepth 1).

    This will copy the file over with root ownership. This means that those users will not be able to delete or modify the readme.txt document. If you need the file to be owned by the respective user name, that would require an additional script which would be more complex. But I'm not sure if this is exactly what you are looking for or not.

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