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    Gaming-Core.NET for sale

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    I can't edit the post, but email me also works fine..

    I'm selling it to who evers that contact's me first not the highest bid, i might also make you a new design if you don't like the current one.

    - Regards Blade1941

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    I'll put an offer of $5

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    Ericsson: I've sent you a PM about another price, thanks for the offer thought.

    EDIT: The domain is going to be sold now.
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    Ericsson has changed his mind buying it so i'm still looking for offers.

    I have advertised the domain at some sites now, i havn't advertised it on google thought but i don't think that will be hard to do .

    I'm selling this for the reg fee $10 as the domain doesn't have any meaning, but i think the domain is pretty nice. If there only were time to devolop it then i whould never sold it .

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