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    Need Help: Lifetime Hosting Package?

    Hello WHT,

    I've been more of an avid browser than poster here on WHT. I'd like to make my sixth post about asking for assistance on a host.

    I was on WHTirc a few days ago, and I saw an advertisement on the market-place channel made by an user named Kijit.

    He offered a "Lifetime Rechargable hosting plan" which I found more information here:

    I've done some of my own research on this host by searching, but couldn't find any reviews. Although the user I've found associated with the company (Kijit Solutions) appears to be fairly knowledgable and friendly.

    Most likely, I'll be signing with them, as the price doesn't seem to be much of a loss should they prove to be fraudulent/bad service/support. However, I'd like to ask members of WHT in giving me assistance on whether I should go with this or not? It seems like such a good plan? Anyone here have any experiences with them?

    Their website is by the way.


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    Did you try google search ? If everything looks good to you and you feel confident about the host, go ahead and signup. But I advise for you to start with the monthly plan at first, then when you are satisfied after two months you may proceed futher however you would like.

    Good Luck

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    You might look at the discussions on "lifetime" hosting in this thread before you jump into it.

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