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    Please try to help me.. PHP script not functioning in CentOS :(

    I have a php script which works in Red hat 9, fedora cores which basically executes a program off a PHP website. For some odd reason, this script just doesn't work on CentOS 4.0, I am not sure what it could be.. anyone know why my php script may not be able to execute? PHP "seems" install as php website does load...

    any help would be great, thanks for reading

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    Make sure no php-safe-mode and that you have not disabled any functions. I would also check the error_log and messages, maybe some sort of SElinux is causing the problem.
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    how would I check no php-safemode?

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    any error message?

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    cd to the directory and php -f file.php and see what it returns.
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    I might have found the problem.. but I can't fix it or not sure how... it is running apache v 2 on this machine, how would I make it run back th old apache version identical to the other disitributions? apache V 1.x

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    i've checked error_log.. it says this
    PHP Notice: Use of undefined constant

    weird because this script works with all other distributions... any ideas?

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    this is not error, this is only notice. may be after reinstalling O/S php haven't some libraries which required by your script. if your script have a installer - try reinstall script to different location on your site for getting more information about issue.
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    hmm do you know how I would reinstall php with all libraries that may have been in fedora core ? the "yum" in centos is so much different

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