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    Higher VPS or Dedicated?

    Hello, right now I have a a VPS with PowerVPS, which I can't say enough great things about, however recently I had to upgrade from the CPANEL POWER-1 plan to the CPANEL POWER-2 due to the fact that I was constantly hitting my memory limit......

    I am now wondering what would give me better performance, the higher performance VPS plan I am on now, or a low-end dedicated server.

    I run about a dozen teamspeak servers (usually there are only 1 or 2 of those servers that even have users in them) plus have some websites, and a few reseller accounts on the VPS.

    I am wondering, for the money if I am better off getting a lower end server (celeron, sempron, etc) with WHM/cPanel on it, or will I get better performance with the VPS? I can see right now, I can get a 2ghz celeron server from layeredtech with whm/cpanel installed for about the same price as the VPS.....

    I would greatly appreciate any advice anyone could provide!

    Thank You very much for your time

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    dedicated in more case will be a better. VPS is limited per resources settings. Dedicated also limited (by physical parameteres like a CPU, RAM, HDD) but is will serve your sites better especially in a peak time.
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    There are alot of factors in decided whether or not to upgrade to a dedicated.
    1) Do you currently use ClientExec? Yes? Then add $10 per month to the price of your dedicated.
    2) Cpanel general costs from $15 to $25 per month extra.
    3) Can you manage your own server? If not, you will have to go with a managed company, like Steadfast Networks or LiquidWeb.

    Lets say that you use ClientExec and can manage your own server.
    I would get this deal from LayeredTech. It will cost you around $20 more than the VPS (remember, add the $10 from ClientExec), but will give you alot more resources.
    Also do not go with a Celeron, Celerons are bad processors IMO and won't perform nearly as well as a P4 or Athlon XP.

    Hope I helped. Good luck, and please post again to tell us what you did

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