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    Selling PC - amd 64 3200+, loaded

    Im selling my custom built computer, here are the specs

    Athlon 64 3200+
    1gig corsair XMS cl 2 2 5 performance ram
    Radeon x800pro 256mb video card (8x)
    Gigabyte K8NS-Pro Motherboard (full size atx, 5pci, firewire, usb, 6.1 sound (YES 6.1), 8x, voltage control, dual bios, all the goodies.
    36gig RAPTOR 10,000 rpm HD
    80gig Western Digital Caviar 7200rpm 8mb buff
    200gig Western Digital 7200rpm 8mb buff
    16x NEC DVD-R/RW +/-
    52x DVD/CDRW combo drive
    Standard Floppy
    500w ULTRA power supply
    Custom case - extra cooling.

    Im taking offers.

    This machine screams, especially on games, never hiccups, never had any problems of any type. If you would like more info and/or are interested, please dont hesitate to reach me at

    richard28 (at)

    If you want pictures submitted or more info please email me or pm with a request.

    once again - taking offers.

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    May I ask why you are selling it?

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    or at least im kinda curious what price range something like that would ball park for in todays market
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    I too am also interested in the price.
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    Sure, im selling it because this semester ill need a workstation pc for school so I plan on using this sale to help torwards that.

    You can compare the prices to dell, hp, and other brands for a ballpark. I am looking for a 1500 obo price range, also, im more than happy to leave my mp3 collection on one of the harddrives.

    Any questions please let me know
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    Do you own the copyright to the mp3s you are offering as part of the deal?

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    all the mp3s on the harddrive are legal and legally attained if thats what you mean. Many are development mp3 voice overs and effects. I'm sorry if i gave the impression I would sell illegal files with the pc.

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