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    anyone host with Wild West or GoDaddy?

    Have you had any experieces with Wild West or GoDaddy hosting?

    I have several business customers want hosting but I don't know which resellers are good and I want to make some $$$ with Wild West.

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    godaddys only good for domains
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    There are several posts on hosting with Godaddy not too positive but try a search. If you want a hands free hosting business Wild West offers you an interface - for selling domains, hosting, and hosting related products, ie. ssl certificates.
    Plus you can direct customers to their support department by email or phone (pay not 1-800 #).

    It would be an option if you are not so technical and want to focus on the business side of hosting. There are other options though and I suggest going through the running a hosting business forum here and do some further research

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    We're a WWD reseller and have had fairly good results. My suggestion if you are simply looking for hosting to stick with a reseller such as HostingZoom.

    You can expect issues to be resolved quickly, unlike an issue with WWD. Your margin is better with becoming a reseller of a reliable web hosting reseller as well.

    If you are looking for the whole package (ie. domains, email, hosting, ssl, stc.) then WWD is a great way to go.

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    yep, lal19541 is right. These companies are reputable for domain registration, but don't expect them to handle hosting in the same regard. I have heard of many complaints on godaddy. Not sure about WWD. If you do a search plenty of information will come up. The one thing they can compete on is price, if you are looking for just price and don't need the support, this can be a good option. Otherwise, look further.
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