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    Looking for someone with ALOT of experience with PHP, ASP, and HELM Control Panel

    I am currently looking for someone to aid my current website developer on how to implement the autosignup.asp page in the Helm Control Panel. The current site has been coded in PHP, but the autosignup.asp page is as it says ASP. Anyone here looking to make a few bucks and willing to help in the designing of a custom signup page that hands off (think I used the right term) the the correct page. You must have knowledge of how the Helm Control Panel works, and must be able to show a reference/s (if you have any).

    Please contact me at marvin (dot) wade (at) gmail (dot) com



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    your request looks like the ones ins the local paper where we need everybody microsoft, but you want php too so i think thats cool cause the college in the minneapolis st paul area of minnesota as far as i know dont care for php

    best of luck dude
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    .........donno what your talking about gilbert, but whered you pull college in the minneapolos st paul area of minnesota from? i dont see it anywhere in his profile
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    hey Marvin, im interested in your project. I have a lot of experience with helm. I sent you an email already. If you havent gotten it you can use the info in my profile to contact me. Thanks. - Powerful Windows Hosting
    Email: sales(at)

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    gilbert; Thank you very much for your reply. I must say, with responses such as this, I can now understand the reason for forum moderators. This was my first posting in WHT asking for help only to have you step on it. Thanks again.

    lord; Thanks man.

    Marlon; I didnt get your email but will be contacting you on Monday. I did not see anywhere on your website/portfolio references to some work with the Helm Control Panel.

    I am still looking for someone to help, please pm or email me.


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