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    Local market customers

    For those of you that generally only pursue your local market or do heavy targeting there, do you provide different prices and plans for them? or do you give them the same plans as anyone else who stopped by your site?

    Just curious as my partner and I were debating this.

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    We charge the same regardless of where they are located or how they contacted us. We offer the same plans and services also.

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    think about it if your website had local and non-local prices would that be fair really kind of like the state of minnesota colleges students comming from minnesota or even wisconsin and i think iowa and north/south dakota get the same goverment subsidies disccount as minnesota residents
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    It really depends on how you want to pursue that market. If you're looking for quick penetration, you can use low "mainstream" pricing and will likely outprice (sometimes by a lot) other local providers. If you're looking to charge higher prices to local customers I'd suggest separate websites/brands or completely separate registered company.

    It depends a lot on your chosen strategy which in turns depends on the market situation in your area - you'll have to do some research. I'm targeting local businesses and my pricing is much higher than typical mass market pricing. But my prices are still slightly lower than all my competitors when comparing similar plans. But when talking about strictly pricing, my lowest priced plan is still twice the cost of some of my competitors' lowest priced plan (many local customers have no idea how hosting should be priced - they simply think higher price means better plan). But then again, this doesn't mean your price should be sky-high, you still have to consider your customers' willingness to pay.

    I'm going after premium business clients and have crafted my pricing strategy (among many other things, remember price isn't everything) to fit my market. You'll have to do the same with yours.

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    thank you for the comments.

    As far as the pricing goes, I actually know of no local company near me so that should work to my benefit. However, i will investigate and see if there is any around.

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    We employ different pricing strategies when it comes to local businesses. Usually around 4 or 5 times more expensive.

    However, in return we do pay regular visits to the client and offer help in person when they require it as well consultation when expanding etc. (all face to face).

    The customer doesn't have a problem with the price and are more than happy with the service. Never had a local business cancel or migrate to another company.
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    I charge the same price regardless.

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    We mainly deal with local clients, so no problem with regards to charging. But I have seen hosting companies who maintain 2 separate distinct web sites, one catering to local which is more expensive as they factor in phone support and the other catering to overseas. I feel that this is quite a good approach as different segment of the markets requires different marketing strategies.

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    I personally feel that going the two web sites approach is the best practice. Keeping both seperate avoids having to answer questions should they come up.
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    We try to offer our local customers some better rates so that word of mouth advertising works in to our favor, and it has actually been working better. It also has made us offer other services such as web design and computer repair.
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    I think you should operate universal price, it should be rational but you may offer some good articles, printed newsletter, gift coupon or gift certificate to your local customers as a part of your offline promotion as most of the potential customers live in offline world.

    By networking in your local chamber of commerce you can be also create your good presence at your local level.

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    I charge the same no matter what. However, my local clients sometimes need/want face to face support, which is something I can't offer to my clients that just navigate to my site. This is where I pick up something extra from local business's.
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    We believe charging the same price for the same services.

    If you can justify higher prices, though they should still be published prices, for various customer groups based on levels of customer care, then that makes sense.

    Thank you.
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