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    Php mail form

    I just put up a Php web form for customers to email from a browers. However, it does not feel like a secure solution. Are there any steps i should take to secure the form or my site? I'm new to the "dynamic" part of webdesign so bare with me. Any links or advice is helpful? Thank you very much.

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    As I don't know what you've currently done, could you please send the code to me in a PM, or paste it here, so we can help you out more efficiently?

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    you could post the url to the site, anything going to a local servers just fine like

    ssl website on server to client
    ssl website sends to local mail server on same server
    then you pull up a form email via imap-ssl or webmail in ssl
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    If you google "php form" or something like'll find many examples. Also its not clear what you mean by "secure" mean that the message is being sent via http, in that case its not that standard e-mail is any more secure. But if this is what you mean then you need to use ssl but that is only going to secure the message to the server...the message will be un-encrypted when the server sends the e-mail (unless you do something about it...too).

    On the other hand..if you mean that putting a form up that anybody can use to send e-mail...then you can do things like vadidate the information that is being sent (check its length....strip it of html...etc etc). You should do this server side.

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