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    Question How do I install mod_rewrite?

    How do I install mod_rewrite on my dedicated server? I have a blog on one of my sites and it is asking for it to be enabled, which it currently is not obviously.

    Thanks guys!
    James Edmonds
    DataDork Consulting

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    You will have to recompile apache and add :


    If you have cpanel run easyapache and select the mod_rewrite module.

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    If you have mod_so you should be able to load the module dymanically instead of having to recompile it in apache statically. This usually involves compiling the module and adding
    LoadModule in your httpd.conf file (ahem if you are using linux...) Just look at the documentation for your version of apache for mod_so and apxs (this is what you use to add modules dymanically). Often the versions of apache that come with linux distros don't have apxs available.

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