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    ecommerce site - what am I missing?

    My ignorance is frustrating me. All I want to do is set up a simple online store for our existing business for which we already have a static html informational site. I know I need a host, a shopping cart, a payment gateway and a merchant account. I think I'm stuck on the store part. I'd like to just use some type of online builder. It doesn't have to be fancy but it can't be cheesy either. I'd simply like to input my logo, own photos, etc. I downloaded oscommerce thinking I could play around with it, but I can't open anything. I plan to get a merchant account through my bank with as the gateway. Now what?? Please advise! Thanks!

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    OS Commerce is very versatile. But, it can only function in a web hosting account that meets the scripts specifications. If you need to play with it on an active account - thats something I can do for you. Theres also ZenCart and CubeCart available.

    If you are going with these options, you will also need to have an SSL Cert installed, and configured to the shopping cart. You will need an Internet / MOTO merchant account, as there is a difference.
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    whats your url for thoughts?
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