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    EuroVPS: great service

    I've been with EuroVPS since April 2005 when I was kicked off Dathorn for using too much CPU. The site I run is called "Google Sightseeing" (can't post an URL, but a google search will get you the 1st hit) which has been featured on BBC News, Google Blog, Newsweek, Time and Slashdot and runs on Wordpress so uses quite a lot of CPU and memory for PHP and MySQL. See Alexa for an idea of the traffic we get.

    No-one really anticipated the popularity of the website so while with EuroVPS we've been upgraded to more and more powerful servers. The site doesn't make much off Adsense so EuroVPS have done their best to give us a professional service for as cheap as they can. The guys have always been quick to respond and helpful and the server we are now on is more than capable. I recommend EuroVPS to anybody and will continue to host my sites there for sometime yet.

    James Turnbull

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    Well glad to see that you are getting good service from them, considering the last post about them

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    I too have nothing but praise for EuroVPS. Thought I'd move from cPanel to Plesk, change my hosting provider and a few other life-changing things all in one go. The support I've had from EuroVPS is outstanding - it's been timely, courteous, knowledgeable and they've been very patient with my pathetic fumblings and longwindedness. Big Thankyou to them.

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    it's nice to hear that, i am thinking of joining their Windows VPS. anyone give me some suggestions please

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    care to share what website you have hosted with eurovps ?

    what about your uptime.. do you have any services monitoring your website we could look at ?

    the reason I ask is because I'm considering moving to eurovps as well.


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    Will add my thumbs up for EuroVPS - been with them for about three weeks and they seem very eager to provide a service that is not only good on a generic basis but tailored to your needs - normally you speak to a hosting company and you get stock answers to questions, Igor and Vasili are always happy to discuss ways to get things working the way you want.

    -- Chris

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    I add my thumbs up also for EuroVPS, been 1 months with them and can't say nothing but good about their services and support. Also they have good ping, around 40ms to my home connection in eastern Finland. I don't have any so critical websites hosted there, our IRL friendgroups website with galleries and so on, but I'm having the VPS mainly for studying some programming, scripting, linux system administration from console and technical side of internet.

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    Originally posted by skyaus
    it's nice to hear that, i am thinking of joining their Windows VPS. anyone give me some suggestions please
    I have a win VPS and it is one of the best i have ever used.
    I am blown away by it...
    I dont host any sites on it, but i do host game servers....and have had no problems with ping or lagg at all!
    I say go check them out!
    You will love it.

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    Cost is high

    I checked their pricing but it is not affordable. Their 512 MB RAM is too high but they are providing all facilities such as MS SQL, PowerPack etc.

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