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    Does it matter who I get an eNom reseller account from?

    Title says it. Obviously, I understand that there are some security issues and a crooked eNom ETP could cause me pain and suffering. But are there any price differences at the $8.95 level? (I don't plan on paying for a $6.95 or $7.95 account) I believe I read that club drop was free for resellers. True?

    I currently have a retail eNom with someone here on WHT but my requests and questions via email and PM have not been returned regarding getting a reseller account. That's why I'm looking around.

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    Even though eNom registry is eNom registry, the reseller is handling support, account maintenence, billing, etc. So as a glittering generality it is reasonable to believe that some could be better at it than others.

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    Once I get a reseller account from an ETP or another reseller, what type of support would they be providing to me?

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    You may wish to bite the bullet and just become an ETP yourself. Cut out the middleman and it is easier than you think
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