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    php bot

    i want to appear online all night so i thought why not write a script that connects to msn and shows as online, for as long as cron jobs run the file, is it possible? is there a script?

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    Well, first of all you need to communicate with MSN. This needs to be done through some sort of interface. You can use PHP for this, and I know PHP files can be executed at certain times with cron jobs.

    Take a look at this:

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    Cron jobs I don't think is quite the answer. Instead I'd just write a client script for communicating with msn and doing all that is needed to let MSN know it is there.

    I don't know the MSN protocol, that's something you'd have to research and implement.

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    that fscommand thing someone posted is good but when it comes to using fputs and fgets to msn telling it to log in/out change my status etc, what files to i fputs do and what do i fputs to them

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    Re: php bot

    Originally posted by maddudemike
    i want to appear online all nigh
    so why not logon to messenger and let your pc running all night?

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