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Thread: What is NAC?

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    What is NAC?

    I'm looking for a dedicated server and saw some people talking about NAC. What is it, a name of a dedicated server provider or the name of the data center or what? Sorry for a silly question.

    What's the URL? Don't think so.

  2. #2 is their corporate site is the place they sell their dedicated servers

  3. #3 is a company who rent a space at NAC and sell dedicated server, or is a service provided by NAC?

    BTW, is good in term of support?

  4. #4 is a division of NAC that offers Dedicated Servers.

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    In answer to your other question, search here on the forums to learn more about them.
    I wish all my traffic went through AS174.

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    Re: What is NAC?

    Originally posted by MasterWebMan

    What's the URL? Don't think so.

    ( Net Access Corp)

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