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    Best/Cheapest UK Dedicated Server Provider & SQL Server Question

    Hi All,

    Please can you help with my 2 issues?

    1) CAn anyone reccomend a good dedicated server provider in the UK, low cost and unmetered bandwidth would be a bonus...

    2) Is there any issue with SQL server being installed on the webserver? Or is a seperate server reccomended/required.

    Is SQL can live on the webserver can it have a seperate IP ?

    My intention is to start with one server running SQL/WebSItes/MaIL

    Pleaselet me benefit fom your experiance

    And there is no way on gods earth will I be using Bulldog communications for ANYTHING........(2 hour call queues!!!!!)

    cheers all


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    leaseweb is EU, not UK

    UK providers:

    others too, cba to find domain urls atm

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    You'd probably be better off outsourcing to Ireland or NL, especially for unmetered bandwidth.

    The price of UK dedicated servers is extremely high compared to our neighbours, and if you grab one in Ireland you'll probably only get one extra hop.

    Iv'e never used them before, but if I needed good pings to the UK, i'd try out - you will want to do some research first though

    And as far as having SQL and a webserver running on the same machine, it totally depends on use of resources - you could always set everything up on one machine, and then move your SQL databases to another machine when you start seeing high loads.

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    i have a server with and am very pleased so far. the only thing i've found a bit discouraging is the fact that they charge you quite a lot for any kind of support.

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