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    GNAX- Fully Managed - Dual Xeon 2.8 - 1gb Ram - 80GB - 2000GB - 175$ -30min Setup

    GNAX - FULLY MANAGED - DUAL XEON 2.8 - 1GB RAM - 80GB - 2000GB B.W - 165$/FREE SETUP!

    Order and the server will be provided within 30min!
    Data Center: GNAX

    Dual 2.8 Xeon
    with 1GB of ram
    dual 40GIG SATA Drive
    b.w: 1000 in 1000 out
    IPs: 5
    Fully Managed Levels 1-4
    175$ a Month!!! (Normal price 275$)
    Free Setup!
    30min setup time

    Cpanel cost: 25$ a month.

    This price is limited for today only!

    We believe in a few large pipes of quality providers to handle spikes in traffic and the occasional DoS attack as well as unknown traffic patterns in the case of a primary link failure. This is why our network minimum Internet backbone connection is 1 gig pipes. We currently have 6 backbone providers and are publicly peered with 12 providers including earthlink. Our current network consists of Gigabit links to Abovenet, XO, PCC-BTN, SAVVIS, Telia, Level 3 and the Atlanta Internet Exchange public peering point. Your customers and you will not get bottlenecks due to small pipes.

    Network Uptime :
    Redundant Cisco BGP routing and switching infrastructure with cold spares on site allows for equipment failure with no interruption of service and timely replacement of the failed item.
    10 Gig Metro Ethernet ring for the core routing with dual feeds of all aggregation routers ensures 100% uptime with some of the best uptime in the business.

    [email protected]

    Payment accepted with Paypal.
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    how much to add 1g memory/remote reboot/another 80g hard disk and a hardware firewall card? tks.

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    Yeah, how much to add 1gb RAM?
    Because packets were meant to be delivered.
    Premium Mzima Bandwith at Equinix - Secaucus, NJ

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    We do not provided any advanced hardware firewall for the moment. But all servers comes secured by our level3 administration.

    Operating system option:
    CentOS, Redhat, Fedora, FreeBSD: FREE
    Windows 2003 web edition: $19.00/month
    2K3 std edition: $29/mo

    Control Panel:
    Webmin: Free
    DirectAdmin: $15/month
    cPanel/WHM: $25.00/month
    Plesk 100 Domain $29.00
    Plesk Unlimited $39.00
    512 RAM: $25.00/month
    1024 RAM: $30.00/month
    1536 RAM: $35.00/month
    80 GB HDD: $20.00/month
    120 GB HDD: $25.00/month
    200 GB HDD: $30.00/month

    IPs: $4/8 IPs/month (5 usable)
    Extra Bandwidth: $0.70/GB or $70.00/800GB
    Remote Reboot Port: $15/month
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    Special DimeNOC - Orlando New Data Center Special:
    Free Setup and BIG monthly price Discount!

    Intel Celeron 2.4Ghz
    Memory: 512MB DDR System Memory
    Storage: 80GB 7200RPM IDE Hard Disk
    Transfer:2400 GB per month Premium Bandwidth
    (1200GB IN / 1200GB OUT)
    Fully Managed Level 1 - Level 3
    IP Addresses: 4 :: Free Fantastico Deluxe
    Data Center Location:: Orlando
    $75.00 Monthly (Normal price $125)
    Free Setup (Normal setup fee $99)

    cPanel/WHM/Fantastico : $25/Month

    Memory Upgrade
    512 MB Ram Upgrade $25.00/Month
    1024 MB Ram Upgrade $40.00/Month

    Extra 40 GB EIDE Drive $25.00/Month
    Extra 80 GB EIDE Drive $30.00/Month
    Extra 120 GB EIDE Drive $30.00/Month
    Extra 200 GB EIDE Drive $35.00/Month

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