Hi All,

To brief you about the project...its about a website( a huge one)...that I am developing for a client. The front end of the website won't change(front end design is already there...although we might change it)..as we want to keep it like that...the design change will happen for the backend and admin and member area section. You will need to design each screen beatifully so that its presentable as a product...we would like someone to work full time for next one month with us...he should be available via AIM most of time..so that as we require changes we can get it done asap. Your resposibility would be entire designing (by this we mean every aspect of the design and look) and a daily report would be required. The backend should have nice look as beautiful as possible.

If we are happy with the work...extension might happen for next 2 months with several projects.This would be a big project for anyone and a chance to get busy for next 3 months and on time payment. Payment will happen every 15 days.

Either you can pm me or post in this thread or send me an email at "intelliron at gmail dot com" with the subject of "Applying for Contract Designer Work" with following details:

Please apply with followings:

1) Complete profile ( please don't apply if you don't have any profile). By profile we mean urls of your work.

2) AIM Address

3) Your rate for one month substantial involment( We would require most of your day while working on our projects)

4) Your current involment status in other projects

5) Your complete contact address

NOTE: You should have enough experience as a designer. Please don't apply if you are starter. You will be ignored.

Thanks for reading by. Best of luck!