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    Question Help Me Choose The Right Host

    Hey guys...
    Well I am looking for a new host for my soon-to-be-released website. I am currently hosted by a kid who is on a reseller. So... i wanna switch. There are a few hosts in my mind and I would really appreciated it if you can help me.

    The hosts that I have been looking at are :-
    ****** Web Hosting
    1 and 1
    Dark Field Matrix
    Those are the hosts that i have been looking at but all of them seems to be having their Ups and Downs. So... help me choose the right one

    Btw if anyone of u think that these are not the right choises please feel free to suggest any other hosts that u might know about.

    Thanks a lot

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    I'd start by doing a search here on WHT of the hosts you're interested in:

    Then take a look and compare the web hosts and be sure to contact them with few questions and see their responses. I'd recommend you taking a look at , some good tips there.
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    yeh i did that but they all have the ups and downs

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    those are fairly large companies. It depends on your price range and requirements. Home of Generous George the Red Monster.
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    How on earth did you come up with those hosts....?
    I suggest you look around and see what kind of customer feedback they have.
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