I'm starting a new business. I bought a reseller account sometime ago now, it was bought mainly for the web space (needed for a certain web site I run), but I do host a few friends web sites.
Anyway my business idea is to host online image galleries, I have already partnered up with an author of a certain php gallery script. My idea is similar to web hosting, as in I supply a free .co.uk domain, I install the gallery, set it up, then once everything is ready I tell the customer. There are several security issues I need to overcome for example, when uploading pictures in bulk which is done via ftp, i would need to lock them into a certain folder so they can't mess with any part of the script install
However it would be handy to be able to use my current domain, then install the gallery into a folder called "steve" , the customer would then use (example "ww.mysite.com/steve") Can anyone see a problem doing it this way ?

I'm very new at this, so i need some pro advice.