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    Question why should we have 2 nameserver?

    why should we have more than 1 nameserver if we only have 1 physical server?

    it is suggested that one name server will be on the same physical server and the second name server on other physical server.. but in case i only have one server, so.. even i have second nameserver on other physical server (provider's server) if the main server is down.. nobody can access my domain name.. so what for i have second nameserver on other physical server?

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    it's a ICANN requirements really. are anyone need register domain which will not accessible to people within a 24x7x365?
    using two nameservers on one physical server just cheapest solution but it is not best solution.
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    For you, no particular reason.

    But for many, the operation of a domain name is more important than the operation of a single box. So this simple redundancy/load balancing scheme was built into the dns system, and it is pretty much the standard rule with all types of domains to have at least 2 dns servers. There is a RFC that elaborates on why and how, but i forget the number of it..

    You can get a second ip-adress for your box though and it will look like 2 separate dns-servers.
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