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Thread: RAID controller

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    RAID controller


    I'm running a RAID-1 server with 3ware controller

    I've heard of it sometimes and would like to know if someone can confirm if it can really happen and if it's common: none of the HD have problems, but the controller do... and then it may be replaced, but the data are corrupted... so you can lose everything

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    Well, yes this could happen not refering to 3ware only but if you got any bad RAID Card it would cause you courrpted data though your Hard disks would be ok

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    It's rare, but yes it can happen. A bad controller can cause major corruption.
    Also be aware that in some rare circumstances a controller using RAID1 can choose the wrong drive to fail and end up throwing the good drive off-line and continue using the bad drive thus corrupting the data.
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    I worked for an ISP several years ago and we had a RAID 5 array in a Dell server go bad and corrupt all the data. We were able to recover some data but it took forever.

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    Raid isn't the equivalent of a good backup, even if its raid-1 or 5. It doesn't protect you from software bugs, user screwups or deliberate attacks, and it can still just simply break as well.

    Its very good to (almost) ensure data availability in case of a disk failure, but, people, don't forget to set up a good backup routine. Do that, and don't worry so much.
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