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    Text Links / Banner Ad

    108,000 uniques/month
    1,500,000 pageviews/month
    Over 1,100,000 posts.
    60-100 users online during peak times.
    20-40 users online during non-peak times.

    Banner Ad
    Your ad would be rotated at the very top of the forums. Banner must be 468 x 60 pixels.
    Price: $20/month.
    Multiple banners can also be added for an extra $8 per banner.

    Text Ad
    A static text link would be placed in the sidebar, above the "Your ad here." link. Any text formatting (bold, color, etc.) could be used for no extra cost. Text links could also be places on
    Price: $10/month.

    Link to stats image

    If you have some other form of advertising in mind, please feel free to e-mail me at [email protected] and I can customize the ad service to fit your needs.

    If you have any questions, reply here or contact me at [email protected].

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