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    397 (forum host, advertising package included, at BIN)

    Please note:
    Will be advertised for free at my download website for 3 months (If bought at BIN, $1500) example of a download page:

    This area get 40-50.000 unique per day
    The text link will be placed in the bottom of the page with the two existing links.

    /// Overview
    Type: Free Forum Hosting
    Script: Sebflipper

    /// Revenue details
    July: $93 (adsense)
    June: $84 (adsense)
    Only 1 Adsense is placed at the forums.
    Income seems to be increasing (slowly but steady)

    /// Traffic Statstics (according to statcounter, previous 30 days)
    Daily unique: 3411
    Daily pageviews: 24960 (750.000/mo)

    /// Source of traffic
    Have been promoting it through my other sites, but that will end with this sale.
    Also getting new signups by members refering new members etc.

    /// Forum Statictics (hosted ones)
    Active phpBB forums: 984
    Active IPB forums: 7
    Total forum members (only counting forums above 10 members): 3699
    Total forum posts (only counting forums above 10 members): ~76000

    /// Income
    July: $93 (adsense)
    June: $84 (adsense)
    Only 1 Adsense is placed at the forums.
    Income seems to be increasing (slowly but steady)

    /// Expenses
    Running it on a server of mine with alot of other sites, but can't be much (guess $10/mo).

    /// Maintenance
    The site require no maintenance (have been using about 1 hour on it during the last months)

    /// Hosting
    Bandwidth: 40GB/mo
    Disk usage: 89.88 Megabytes
    SQL Disk usage 1241.48 Megabytes

    /// Description
    It share the same installation and create some tables for each forum.
    Has both phpbb and IPB forums but desided to take IPB signups offline since no upgrades is available in the future.

    /// Price
    Looking for atleast x10 the month revenue (i'm setting this to $90).
    So best offer above $900 can take it.

    Buy Now Price (BIN): $1500

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    The free advertising at the BIN price, you say you get 40 - 50k per day... are these all to the actual pages or are they direct downloads?

    Are you able to provide any sort of proof (AWStats screen shot?) that theyre all to the pages and not just direct to download.
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    This site has been sold at BIN

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