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    Bandwidth per Cylce

    We've discovered a little glitch, and are looking for a way to fix it.

    First the specs:
    Fedora Core 2
    Plesk 7.5
    ModernBill 4.3

    We need a way for our clients to view their bandwidth usage per billing cycle rather than per calendar month. AWStats (via Plesk) give only by calendar month. ModernBill must have some way of tracking per billing cycle (since it knows when to start charging for overages), but doesn't seem to have anywhere for the client to view their current usage.

    Is there either somewhere in MB that shows usage, or a plug-in or script for either MB or Plesk that will pull from the logs and show a BW total based on the billing cycle in MB? It doesn't have to be full stats, just the running total for bandwidth.


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    I know only one software which have required feature. It is hsphere (
    Plesk or MB will require some custom programming. I an never see plugin for both system which can fit your request. May be someone can help you, but most likely you will need post your request on other forum section (work offers).
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