International Writers

I was looking through the various offers here and thought of a concept that I could offer after getting permission from the WHT team. First of all this is NOT for money, so if you are looking for that within this thread then I am sorry to disappoint, BUT maybe there can be an exchange of services as it were.

First of all let me explain what we have in our coffers. Basically, we run an International Community that has as it's foundation Intellectually Based Discussion. In other words, you will find no silly rants, hate talk or one dozen smilies just to get a point across. Either messages are posted based on 'my opinion' or 'facts'. We also have 100s of features, nationalities, topics and ethnic groups that cannot be found online in a Community like this. We also have a very strong RPG side as well that I run personally.

Now, here is what we are looking for and the exchange involved; We are in need of a writer, maybe someone that is looking to test their skills for professional commercial use later. This writer should be able to give facts and opinions in a dynamic way for other members to comment on. You should have a good knowledge of world issues / religions / social / economic issues. If you have experience as a writer of fiction then this will be an asset, but not necessarily required. In return we are willing to do two things if you remain an active participant: upgrade your membership to 'Premium Plus' within our Community and mention your services within our newsletters and in the Forum.

Now, you may be wondering why you should take up this offer. Well, simply because you love to write and want a place where you will not be ridiculed for doing so. We have a very high Search Engine ranking and only allow online users of high caliber to use the Community. If you would like to be part of this then you can join the Community below and then contact me for instructions. We can then chat online about our goals / visions.

NOTE: We are not just looking for members to join our Community from here, in fact we regularly delete members who do not post or are not active and have done more than 5,000 deletions already. We are interested in the few who want to converse online in a unique way.