I have 2 great designs to sell; neither has been sold before nor will again. Looking for a quick sale so you are welcome to make me an offer on either or both as well.

Template 1 - Hosting Design

Great, high quality hosting design with touches of blue and yellow. Clean, crisp, and to the point.

Price: $100 obo

Template 2 - Simple Yet Elegant

Simple, soft design that can truly be used for anything from a small business site to a personal site. Plenty of space at the top (as depicted by black box) to insert advertising banners as well. Blues and greys comprise this design.
Price: $60 obo

With either design you will receive:

* Layered PSD Files, sliced and organized
* Coded Main Page, optimized
* Small Custimzation (add your logo, change text)
* All Rights - These designs will never be sold again and you're free to do with them what you wish.

I will code a subpage for an additional $10.

If you would like to purchase either design or make an offer please post here or PM me.

Thank you for looking!

I also want to add that I am available to do custom design. Thanks for looking!