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    Appropriate hosting for e-shop

    We are having an e-shop in Greece and we are looking for a new hosting company.

    What we are looking for is:

    - Linux, MySQL, PHP
    - At least 500MB, 20GB bandwidth
    - Really fast server (it means not 100s web sites on the same Pentium 3 server)
    - Fully managed (we do not want to look after for updates/patches etc.)
    - Easy to use Control Panel like CPanel
    - Daily backup (automatic)
    - 99.9% uptime or refund
    - Money is not a case. We are not looking for $3/month prices.

    Any suggestions by your experience?

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    I think you would be best off with a dedicated server solution, especially since money is not an issue.
    That way you can be sure your site won't be bogged down by other users on the same server, and if you go with a fully managed solution, you won't go far wrong.

    Good luck!
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    A dedicated server for 20gb bandwidth might be too much. I'd recommend a Full Managed VPS solution, take a look at WHT and use the Host Quote feature and see if you get offers from any hosts you have interest in, since you dont seem to have a low budget it wont be a problem. good luck.
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    i' ve recommend you someone which offer VIP hosting. I mean that on one server in this case usually hold not more than 25-50 customers sites. With good setup and good sysadmin and correct customer assigninhg to server it is not very important is server will Dual Pentium, Pentium 4 or Dual Xeon. Of course, above correct in case if you not use CPU intensive web applications.
    VPS nost likely will not suitable for you, because it is mainly should be using when you need very custom feature and pay less than for dedicate server. Also, it will require from you knowledge with server administering (you will have root access for this).
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    Thank you for your replies.

    Although money is not a big issue, I am looking for something between $10-50/month, since my requirement are not so demanding.

    As I also mentioned I do not want to run any administering things (updates/upgrades/patches etc.)

    As you said, I have to look for a server with not many clients. Any companies they do that? Any Semi-Dedicated (but managed from them) servers?
    Could you name any of the companies you are mentioning?
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    From my own hosting experience, I can recommend InMotion Hosting, Site5, or Micfo.
    InMotion Hosting has a managed VPS package for $50/month. If you prefer shared hosting I recommend Site5 or Micfo; they have e-commerce features on just about all their accounts.
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