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Thread: WTH with MKOH ?

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    WTH with MKOH ?

    At Jul 31 2005 he has upgraded his PHP version to 4.3.11 and after that i have a big problem with my sites shared on his hosting server. my php applications dont work properly anymore !!!

    I have sent a first helpdesk ticket but after 2 days without any answer and the ticket was closed !

    I sent the second ticket to the helpdesk and a mail to, the owner of mkoh. Without a respond and he has removed his helpdesk script at :

    Does anyone having the same problem with ?

    I dont think that i will stay by this hosting firm with such support !! it is wasted money and time !

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    Yeah i was hosted by them but downtime was too common so i moved.

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    i ran a few sites with them before, maily a bunch of test stuff, but i could not ever get any thing from their support, so i moved from them to another dc. i dont know what the problem is!

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