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    How to install free control panel for linux :D

    What is vhcs:
    VHCS is a Professional Control Panel Software for shared, reseller, virtual and dedicated server management.

    VHCS was designed for professional Hosting Service Providers and IT-Professionals.

    How to install on debian 3.1 or ubuntu, tutorial/script not made by me! Link is here...
    i'm happy to announce my final release of VHCS installation script, i already tested it on serval ubuntu/debian box and it works great, this script is free, and you can modify it and/or redestribute it, but there's one note to respect AND YOU MUST RESPECT IT, you see the code below

    +-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------+| Wael Nasreddine (Gandalf) / [email protected] | | Purpose of this script is to install VHCS || || This script is distributed without any warrenty use it at your own risk. || If this script blows up your installation it's not my fault || || This script has been tested on ubuntu Hoary Hedgehog 5.04 and on debian sarge. || +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ || You can modify this script and/or redestribute it as long as this text stay || on the TOP and displayed to the user when he run the script. || Whatever you change, this license must always be displayed to the user... || || any suggestion are welcomed... |+-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------+
    this code is present in the script 3 times, one on the top as a comment, another one is insered in the log file and the final one, it's displayed to the user...
    to respect my hard work writing this script and test it on my own boxes, YOU MUST NOT TOUCH THESE 3 X 15 LINES!!!!!!!!!

    ok let's get to the description now and how to use it
    this script will install VHCS 2.2 and 2.4 on ubuntu hoary and debian sarge by running two simple commands, ok so let's get to work shall we??

    run the following commands


    and as a ROOT (on debian by switching to su, on ubuntu by running with sudo)


    follow the screen instructions, it isn't hard is it???

    remember not to change the license, if you encounter a problem, an error occured, then take a look to /root/vhcs_log.txt file which is the installation log

    WARNING: this script will remove the following packages from your system

    lpr nfs-common portmap pidentd pcmcia-cs pppoe pppoeconf ppp pppconfig

    thanks for any comments... for more info.

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    Can you convert this script for CentOs,RedHat,FreeBSD.

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    Well currently there is a user on vhcs forum that is working on it, he just made on for debian, that will allow you to update vhcs which he is still got some work to do, but i dont know if he is porting it to centos redhat and freebsd, but currently there is a version for freebsd on the main page, but there still is some stuff to be done, vhcs is built on debian, thats what i use, and they recomend.

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    Make a guess
    It looks good. I liked the demo . Its good you can even create resellers and most importantly its opensource. Hopefully, system upgrades are easy on it as well
    Shashank Wagh.
    Systems Administrator.

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    this not work

    how to install new version of vhcs?

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    Hi there,

    just take a look at www . isp-control . net's Development stalled for over 3 years now - and nearly all main developers switched to ispCP

    Please take a look there - there's also extensible documentation for Installation on various Systems.

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    mkdir /stash; cd /stash
    Looks good, thinking of trying it on a new server.

    Had many requests for this, might make a template now.

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    Looks good, I think I'll try this out later...

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    For 32bit or 64bit Ubuntu ?

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    Link die

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    looks like vhcs updated their website recently,

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    the documentation section of their new website is not updated however,

    it says ;


    The primary source of VHCS documentation will be soon available under We migrate now the data form the old wiki system to the new one. " is password protected,
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